Media Roundtable With Brigadier General Camille Nichols

We wish to thank Brigadier General Camille Nichols for her time and insight.

Topics for this morning’s roundtable included a number of initiatives and programs: Army Combat Pant, Pelvic Protection, Combat Boots, Individual Carbine Competition, M4 Carbine Product Improvement Program, XM25, Individual Gunshot Detector, Joint Effects Targeting System, and the Nett Warrior program.


  • The FY 2011 budget has $2.8 billion earmarked for Soldier equipment.
  • Emphasis to remain on COTS.
  • Looking forward the U.S. Army will need to do more with less.
  • In the area of ballistic protection, the Army will be looking at and fielding a number of products ranging from Kevlar athletic cups and underwear to exterior ballistic protection that wraps around the pelvic regions to provide protection to the penis, testicles and rectal areas.
  • Earlier this year one of the topics that I wrote about was the hybrid night vision technologies; that is the integration of thermal imaging with image intensification. Formally designated as the ENVG for enhanced night vision goggle, the U.S. Army has 5,000 units in the field, with very positive results.
  • The ECH, Enhanced Combat Helmet, a collaborative effort with the USMC is now in production. The ECH is lighter, better prevents trauma and offers enhanced ballistic performance.
  • Look for new Hot Weather Mountain Boots.
  • The Army’s carbine improvement program continues its two-pronged approach. The carbine competition will proceed first followed by the p-i-p phase. Candidly I can’t see why those aren’t concurrent efforts since any interdependencies can be readily managed.
  • NETT Warrior designed to enhance dismounted situational awareness seems to be headed in the appliance agnostic direction. The soldier will be able to use the appliance that best suits his needs.
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