The S²NVI From Badger Ordnance

One of the more interesting products at the 2011 International Sniper Competition, Fort Benning, GA is Badger Ordnance’s S²NVI (Spotting Scope Night Vision Integrator). The Integrator is a new interface system optimized for attaching a night vision system to the M151 Spotting Scope (Leupold MK4 12-40×60mm).

The S²NVI is modular by design, allowing the scope to be mounted with the eye piece in either a high or low orientation, features multiple mounting holes for adjusting center of balance, accessory rails mountable at two different heights, quick attach/detach system, and nestling capability for easy storage and transport. Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction, hardcoat Mil Spec anodized finish. Weight: 12.4 oz.

Shown fully augmented with NVD, range finder, pointer/illuminator and ballistic computer.

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