Look For Continuing Development Of Kestrel’s Ballistics Weather Tracker™ with Horus® ATrag® Software

4500 NV, 4500 NV Bluetooth, 4500 NV Horus Atrag

The United States of America is indeed blessed with a veritable cornucopia of talent, and nowhere is this more evident than in the defense industrial complex.

The companies that make up this huge fabric are creative and committed to providing relevant and timely solutions to battlefield needs. One such company, Nielsen Kellerman, is a shinning example of that with their Kestrel weather meters.

Over the last five years, Nielsen Kellerman has transform their top of the line meter, Kestrel 4500 weather meter, to the 4500 NV, 4500 NV with Bluetooth and 4500 NV Ballistic with the HORUS Vision ATrag ballistic software embedded.

Currently, they are working with FLIR to develop an interface that would allow for the exchange of data from the FLIR range finders to the 4500 NV ballistic. FLIR ranging information will be supplied to the ATrag software which will compute a firing solution instantly, thus improving speed and accuracy. The sniper or spotter will no longer be required to do manual entry in the AO.

In the future, you will see improvements made to the power source possibly going from AAA batteries to one AA, bringing the power source in line with military standards. In addition to potential powering adjustments, the Kestrel folks are looking at a number of other enhancements, which I’m presently not at liberty to discuss.

All-in-all, this translates to some really good things for the military and law enforcement  community.

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