SAKO Launches Its New Sniper Platform The TRG M10

SAKO from Finland, and now part of the Beretta family, has introduced its new multi-caliber
sniper rifle, the SAKO M10. The M10 adds to SAKO’s already distinguished sniper
platforms the M22 and M42, launched in 1999. Both the M22 and M42 have tremendous
global acceptance in military and law enforcement circles.

The M10 is available in .308, 300 WinMag and 338 Lapua Magnum and offering barrel lengths from 408.5 mm to 689 mm. The M10’s modular design supports caliber and barrel changes by the operator in the field.

Standard 1913 Picatinny rails are integrated at the three (short or long), six (short, long),
nine(short, long) and 12 (short, full length/0 MOA, 30 MOA) o’clock positions
to accommodate the user’s choice of scopes, night sights, lasers, bipods and
other accessories.

The rifle  offers ambidextrous controls, and the fully adjustable rear stock is available
in variants which fold either to the right or left side making the M10 an excellent choice for airborne insertions.  An adjustable rear monopod is available as an optional accessory. Each barrel has an M18x1 muzzle  thread to enable a flash hider, muzzle brake and/or suppressor to be fitted. I might also add that the muzzle can be equipped with a number of the QD suppressor mounts available from Surefire and Advanced Armament (AAC).

The TRG M10  will be available to military and law enforcement customers from the beginning  of 2012.

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