KRISS® Arms Group Announces KRISS Vector SDP™.45 ACP

I first became familiar with the KRISS Super V submachine gun while attending a demonstration at Blackwater International’s facility in Moyock, NC. For me, it was love at first try for a number of reasons – compactness, a whopping cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute and it’s handling and recoil mitigation system. Impressive is an understatement; however, topping the list of attributes was it’s .45 ACP knockdown power.

Prior to the KRISS System, my go to SMG was the world standard HK MP5; the undisputed king of the 9mm SMG. In fact, I’ve fired just about every variety of MP5 made including the MP5SD – it deserves their market share and reputation. However, times do change and technology moves us forward with increased reliability and effectiveness.

More recently, KRISS® Arms Group announced the KRISS Vector SDP™.45 ACP. This is a KRISS Vector in a semiautomatic pistol configuration.

I’m not suggesting that you gather up your MP5’s and have a yard sale but I sincerely believe that your agency or department should give the KRISS SMG a try. In my opinion it raises the bar on what an SMG can deliver.

The video below will take through their product offerings but absolutely nothing will convince you more than a live fire test. You won’t be disappointed I assure you.

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