Tuff-Writer, Inc. Upgrades the Operator Pen Series.

If you’re part of the Monte Blanc crowd you may not find this interesting but it never hurts to keep an ear to the ground and stay receptive, I always say.

Tuff-Write, Inc. does one thing and one thing only – they make tactical pens, and quite good ones I might add.

So, what the heck is a tactical pen; couldn’t you just use a Bic? The answer is no, if you expect to be in harsh environments, climatic extremes or situations that potentially require the use of non-lethal force.

Tactical pens by Tuff-Write are much more than just fine writing instruments, they are a tool, and the company has just announced a new and upgraded version of their highly acclaimed Operator pen series featuring enhancements such as:

  1.  Allowing the cap to post on the back while writing.
  2.  An o-ring to help prevent the cap from accidentally loosening and seal out   moisture.
  3. A newly profiled cold-pressed spring steel clip.

The new Operator is designed, machined and assembled in the U.S.A. to be the toughest pen on the market, period.  The pens are made to withstand environmental extremes of heat and cold, and function without fail.  The new Operator is now even stronger with an increased wall thickness to handle additional punishment.

The Operator will withstand nearly 750 PSI without breaking a sweat, and a MIL-A-8625 “F” anodizing over a non-marking finish provides a “rock-hard” surface to handle the elements and anything else the world throws at it.

So, now that you know what your Monte Blanc is not, do yourself a huge favor and pick up an Operator Pen Series tactical pen from Tuff-Writer and never look back.

By the way, don’t try this with old Monte’


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