A Look At The Industry Into 2012…

Iraq is over, and Afghanistan is winding down. We’ll soon have all of our folks back home and as they assimilate into society so to will some of the catalyst driving our industry dissipate. This is the natural order of things. So, it is time to refocus on the more mundane and traditional commercial application of our products. Much of what was developed to address the pressing needs of the operator in the field has direct application in the commercial space. Your key to success in the commercial space is value – not cheap. 

If you plan to knock on the DoD’s door do so with the understanding that your goods must directly address stated needs, and close won’t get it as development dollars will be hard to come by. 

Your Law Enforcement customers are now seeing a trickling of the technologies available to the war fighter. Look for this to continue at an accelerated pace, and those departments will be an excellent source of business for you. 

Working with DHS will require time and money. Be open to teaming with large enterprise. 

Finally, expect that organizations centered around training will do extremely well, but in a more competitive environment, as veterans return and become entrepreneurs.

There is “gold in them there hills” but you’re going to have to work harder and dig a little deeper. It’s time to put on the thinking caps, and reach out to those who can help you get your product and yourself out and in front of your customer.


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