Extrema Ratio Announces A New Addition To Its Lineup The M1A1.

The folks at Extrema Ratio, Prato Italy, have introduced a rather interesting new utility knife, the M1A1. This is somewhat of a departure from their military product line, which includes heavy-duty folding knives, combat knives and survival knives.

The M1A1 features the same superb Extrema quality with some interesting accoutrements that place it in direct competition with the venerable Victorinox or Wenger Swiss Army knife.

Extrema’s M1A1 comes equipped with a utility blade, screw driver and bottle opener as well as a marlin spike. Speaking from experience as both a former military man and an avid sailor, the value of a marlin spike cannot be overstated. It’s extremely useful in working with wet line, or knotted up line. I use a marlin spike whenever I need to construct an eye in braided nylon or to splice.

At first glance, the M1A1 should be comfortably at home on a tactical vest, M.O.L.L.E. pouch or in your tool bag. One thing you can count on will be the Extrema quality.

The recommended price in the EU is €165,50; making the U.S. MSRP $215.93 based on current exchange rates. However, selling prices here in the U.S. are likely to be lower.

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5 Responses to Extrema Ratio Announces A New Addition To Its Lineup The M1A1.

  1. Marcus Wong says:

    this looks good. any idea on the pricetag on this?


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