Intermission – Entreacto – L’intervalle

It’s been a great year for us at The FOG HORN. We’ve had an opportunity to discuss a variety of subjects and present a number of products from outstanding companies all over the world. We wrote about them because they exemplify two essential philosophies; build a quality product, and deliver uncompromising customer support. However, regardless of national origin they share a common thread, a genuine appreciation for our young guys and gals in uniform. Make them your business partner whenever that need arises.

Our readers are everything to us and we especially want to thank them. I can’t begin to say how great it feels to read an e-mail expressing pleasure about having learned something; it’s comments like these that drive us. We also love to hear about your likes and dislikes. It’s the rudder that steers our ship.

In the coming year, my goal as publisher and editor is to expand on our list of industry partners; increasing the depth and breadth of the technology and gear we present. Our demographic is rather interesting to say the least and 98% of our reads originate in the United States, Europe, Malaysia/ Indonesia, Taiwan and South America.

I wish we could publish FOG HORN in languages native to all of these countries but it’s simply not attainable in our infancy. My goal for 2012 is to publish FOG HORN in French and Spanish. There are practical reasons driving that decision. First, those are the language skill sets available at this stage of our development. Secondly, large parts of the world speak Spanish and French. Rest assured we won’t be winning literary excellence awards, in either language, but we’ll try to make things as readable and enjoyable for our readers as possible. It’s a huge undertaking but one that I would like to complete this coming year.

In closing, no matter where in the world you find yourself, please accept our best wishes for a joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous and exciting New Year!

Having said that, we’ll be back online in 2012!


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