MasterPiece Arms’ MPA57SST Semi-Auto Pistol (Prototype)

We’ve been keeping an eye on MasterPiece Arms, Inc., Carrollton, GA  since early in 2011 for two reason. First it’s a matter of home state pride and secondly they’ve been introducing exceptional firearms with a less than traditional design, look and feel.

While catching up on my Facebook posts and messages I ran across a video starring Phil presenting a new product, the MPA57SST, which was interesting to say the least because of my genuine affection for the 5.7 x 28 caliber – especially for folks in the security business. Other than perhaps a KRISS System V, the FNH P90 would be my choice on a security detail.

Like all Masterpiece designs the MPA57SST looks to be feature rich of high quality and exceptional ergonomics.

MasterPiece Arms, Inc. 105-A Kingsbridge Drive Carrollton, GA 30117 (770) 832-9430 – office 1-(866) 803-0000 (770) 832-3495 – fax


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