FOG HORN’s Jackass Of The Year Award Goes To Former CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez

Throughout the history of man’s development, scholars have observed the emergence of organized societies when groups of people, or a tribe, achieved surpluses. It is at this point of human development  that we see the emergence of thinkers, like philosophers and psychologists. Rather than planting or harvesting, philosophers attempt to answer profound questions like: “Is God so powerful that he can create a stone large enough that He Himself can not lift,” or “Can good exist without evil?” 

The FOG HORN believes that polarity whether in ideology, sexuality, politics, …,etc. is as much governed by the laws of physics as subatomic particles themselves. It is inescapable, and without it all frame of reference is lost. Nowhere is this more evident than in the entertainment industry where for years we were taught that Russians were evil and that Eastern European women all looked like little babushkas, and without that we Americans could not be the manifestation of goodness. 

So, in keeping with the concept that good or excellence can not exist without evil or mediocrity we decided to come up with our “Putz Of The Year Award.” Late this year, I made the decision to change the name to FOG HORN’s Jackass Award. I made that decision in order to avoid any suggestion of anti-Semitism. God knows, I’ve shtupped enough Jewish women in my life – including a really neat gal, with a leg brace, in a VW Beatle on a New London winter’s night. 

Having said that, one has to broach the concept of “Jackass.” What makes someone a Jackass? Highly subjective, but generally speaking it is a combination of ego supported by a lack of aptitude, knowledge and talent. Each of those braches support numerous twigs and it would be an arduous task to catalogue them. So, without further ado, and  in response to Time’s Person Of The Year and CNN’s Hero Awards, The FOG HORN is proud to present the prestigious, although low budget, Jackass of The Year Award to: CNN’s Former Anchor Rick Sanchez

Take a listen to this clip of Rick discussing President Obama. Rick, why didn’t you just refer to the President as The Schwarze!

Now those of you, like The FOG HORN, who support our 2nd Amendment rights will know that Rick is notorious for his “anti-gun” stance. In fact, it is our opinion that Rick’s opinions are like reading Virginia Wolf after a couple of hits on Grey Goose. Furthermore, we see that Rick’s sole yardstick for his effectiveness are Tweets.

During a conversation with comedian Pete Dominick Rick Sanchez said he had experienced subtle forms of discrimination. He continued by saying “a lot of elite Northeast establishment liberals” viewed him as someone “who belongs in the second tier and not the top tier.” – Perhaps simply being honest Rick? Mr. Sanchez included among those establishment figures, Mr. Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

Mr. Sanchez had you been paying attention in anthropology class you would know that Jon Stewart is a Hebrew Homie. For God’s sake Rick, the man reads schmultz! And, in our eyes this all makes you a bubasutiehead.

Good luck to you Mr. Sanchez but please never darken the doorsteps of journalism again!

By the way, for 2012 we hope to have a Tactical Jackass©[1] patch design completed.

[1] Tactical Jackass concept, designs and merchandise are protected by Copyrights and may not be reproduced without the expressed written permission of Twobirds Flying Publication, 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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