Coming Soon

I’m excited about the coming months and some of the interesting projects underway here at The FOG HORN.

  1. I will be delivering a substantial article, along with a video, on the Kalashnikov. I’ll address its origins, design and the psyche that has labeled it an “evil.” I will also focus on its prospects for the future as American and European technologies emerge to capitalize on its strengths. The mythology of a cheaply made and inaccurate battle rifle carried by third world armies will fade and give way to function based designs by industry leaders like Larry Vickers, Chris Costa and Travis Haley.
  2. I am also working on a review that I had to postpone for way too long of Danalco’s Sealskinz.
  3. Also look for a review of Extrema Ratio’s magnificent Pugio. If you have an interest in edged weapons this is one review that you’ll want to read. Extrema’s Pugio is both classic and timeless.

These are just a few projects out of an ambitious schedule that I think you’ll enjoy.




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