SHOT 2012 HORN BLAST – Citical Safety Equipment LLC

All throughout SHOT 2012 we will be posting Horn Blasts! So, keep an eye on Twitter .

Our first Blast is for Critical Safety Equipment Llc Booth: 8002

DKXarmor Max III armor plate: Droppable; Ultra light; Stops multi hit 30 cal.; floats (read: positive buoyancy)*****

The next generation of hard armor plates is here today. Maximum Level III protection Polyethylene hard armor plates manufactured exclusively with Dyneema, “the world’s strongest fiber”. Designed to “MAXimum” stopping standards, the DKXarmor Max III will stop the AK 47, .223, .308 rifle rounds, is multi-hit capable and drop resistant. The DKXarmor Max III weighs less than 3.5 pounds per plate and floats.

Apex Handguards: Rigid mounting; numerous rail locations and lengths; customize to shooter needs.

The Apex Handguard is an innovative handguard designed and manufactured for the AR family of weapons. Advantages include: Multiple lengths for optimal front sight integration; Proprietary “Gator-grip” texture for comfort and control; and rapid heat dissipation. The Apex Handguard is most known for its CTRLS; Controlled Tactical Rail Locating System which allows user to select location of rails and rail lengths. With CTRL™ you don’t force your hands to fit the rail and accessory layout…you shape the layout to fit your hands.

EFB SWIPES (Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System): US Army award winner

Recently awarded by the US Army, one of the top 10 Army’s Greatest Inventions, 2010. The SWIPES is developed with the Soldier in mind. SWIPES is a Wearable modular, Multi Application Power and Charging system incorporated into a very effective MOLLE carrier. Battery weight is reduced by up to 50% and the zinc air battery yields 50% more run time. SWIPES will also function with most inventoried military batteries currently in use.

LCOA Composites (Dead Stop Ballistic Shields): 30% lighter than comparable shields

SWAT and First Responder Entry shields that are perhaps, the lightest in the industry. Multiple sizes; Level IIIA; US made; Distributed by Critical Safety Equipment.

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