Crimson Trace Corporation Expands LIGHTGUARD To Include 1911s

One day, God approached man saying “John, I want you to build a handgun that has a great trigger, excellent sight radius, thumb safety, highly reliable and holds 7 rounds of this ammunition that I’m about to give you.” John, looking somewhat startled looked at God and said “Lord when would you like me to do this.” Good responded “I need a production model by 1911.”

John agreed and set about the task of designing a handgun that was as reliable as he could make it with an excellent sight radius and thumb safety, and held 7 rounds of what God named .45ACP. One day while at the shop, God appeared to John saying: “John I’m here to see what you’ve accomplished and to run through a couple of mags.” John hands God the handgun and saw that He was pleased. “Lord” said John, “what shall we call it?” God looked upon John and said “The 1911.”

After running through two magazines God decided that he needed a better way to aim it, especially for hasty shots or firing from a covered position. God then turns to John saying: “John I want you to build a laser grip!” John, bewildered by God’s request said sheepishly: “Lord I don’t know what a LASER is.” God turns to John and says: “Oy Vey, I will create Crimson Trace”

Many years passed and John was now in Heaven when a young company calling itself Crimson Trace began building laser grips – not just for God’s 1911 but for all guns in the land. One day, God drops in on Crimson Trace to see what they accomplished and run through a few mags. When God saw that he could make accurate and fast shots from any firing position His face beamed with joy and looking down on Crimson Trace said: “You are CTC in whom I am well pleased.”

Well, all who were present rejoiced. There was great jubilation at CTC’s Oregon plant when suddenly a huge bolt of lightning strikes and God’s voice thundering through the clouds says: “Drek, we forgot a light!”

The bright young men at Crimson Trace said: “God, that’s cool dude we can get it done and we’ll install it on the Picatinny rail.” But, God sighs saying: “the shmuck John did not build a 1911 with a Picatinny rail.” Recognizing how disappointed God was, the young men at CTC set out to design a light for God’s 1911 that could be easily operated, did not require a Picatinny rail mount, required no gunsmiths to install and produced 100 lumens of beautiful white light. The young men at CTC  were pleased and debuted the prototype at SHOT SHOW 2012 in Las Vegas and its is called LIGHTGUARD.

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4 Responses to Crimson Trace Corporation Expands LIGHTGUARD To Include 1911s

  1. mike says:

    FYI When u need a holster


  2. Jeff Metz says:

    How much they run>? Taxtime so for me it could mean I buy tomorrow!


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