SealSkinz Review In The Making

A review from the abyss; I’m glad I’m finally sitting down to write it. I’ll make myself clearer later in the article; however, rest assured that SealSkinz developer, Danalco, is not the reason for the attribute. I’ll explain.

While at the SOFIC Conference, in 2008, I ran across the SealSkinz booth. The display caught my eye as did the claim of a waterproof sock – when have I heard that before… I contacted Danalco, in Southern California and arranged for a sample which I planned to test on a large fountain in my patio. It just so happened that I was also working on a review of OTB’s SAR boot, so I said to myself; wouldn’t it be great if I combine the two. The concept was absolutely righteous, since a comfortable boot with a bad pair of socks is a bad boot, and a great pair of socks in bad shoes an equally poor choice.  My plan was to put on the SAR[1] boots over the SealSkinz and go for a short swim. Well, I won’t subject you to the details, but in the ensuing three years I was unable to find an indoor facility that would allow me to enter the water, swim two laps with boots and videotape the event. The problem, believe it or not, was not entering the water with boots on, it was videotaping the event.  WTF Go figure!

Danalco and OTB you have my absolute apology, but I feel strongly that your product deserves more than just a YouTube video of someone soaking his or her foot in a bucket of water. Now, your time has come.

Look for my review this month !

[1] Sadly no longer part of their product line.

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