Snapshot of February & March !

FOG HORN friends and readers, here’s what’s up.

The month of February will see a review of SealSkinz waterproof socks. I certainly don’t want to steal any thunder from the review, but if you hunt or hike you’ll want a few pairs of them in your kit.

We’ll also be at the range trying out Setpoint’s custom designed ammunition. A great concept from an innovative young company!

March 2012 will see a comprehensive article on the AK47. It departs from much of the literature in that it is not designed to be a historical piece. Instead, it focuses on the platform’s strengths and weaknesses with a discussion of emerging technologies from young companies, like U.S.Palm, Scottsdale, AZ. This level of innovation mitigates the AK’s weaknesses making it a credible modern combat weapon system. We’re excited about it.

We also have a number of knife reviews in the works. So if you’re looking for a tactical or EDC folder, you won’t want to miss our reviews from two leading manufacturer’s

The age of a la cart reading is upon us as evidenced by diminishing magazine & newspaper subscriptions.  The record industry’s response was to seek injunctions against similar trends in music rather than respond to the change in consumer demand and consumption, which is why we value your comments and suggestions.

Visit regularly, comment frequently, request what you’d like to see and support our industry partners.

Thank You!

Sal Palma

Publisher & Editor

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