Danalco’s SealSkinz Socks and OTB’s Search and Rescue Boot.

I first became aware of the SealSkinz product at a SOFIC conference in Tampa. I was anxious to test out a pair and the folks at Danalco, in Duarte, CA, were accommodating enough to send me a pair. For reasons beyond my control I was not able to review them until now, which irritates me to no end. It’s a long story.

The overwhelming majority of SealSkinz reviews consist of the reviewer putting on a pair and dunking his or her foot in a bucket of water. Although one could draw some conclusion from that exercise, it’s not a real test of Danalco’s product. Furthermore, it does not come close to simulating military application of the socks.

In this review I assess the waterproofness of the SealSkinz and how well they function as socks worn in conjunction with military boots.

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  1. Chris Fredrikson says:

    I Like SealSkinz Socks! I have a pair of SealSkinz Mid Weight Mid Length Socks and they do the job perfectly


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