LaserLyte® Newest Laser Trainer Cartridge; The LT-380

LaserLyte® has just added a much needed training tool to their expanding line of  excellent laser training products.

LT-380 Laser Cartridge

The LaserLyte® LT-380 laser trainer cartridge will fit all Ruger LCP’s, Kel-Tec’s, and Smith & Wesson .380’s.

The LaserLyte® LT-380 laser trainer cartridge provides the user with a realistic training experience including tap, rack, bang or malfunction drills. The LT-380 fits inside the pistol chamber and the firing-pin activated switch indicates the bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. Besides being able to train anywhere, the LT-380 integrates perfectly with LaserLyte’s Laser Trainer Target system (TLB-1), the interactive, battery operated, portable training system.

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