Travon Martin’s Killing and Florida Stand Your Ground Law

It is terribly tragic to see the life of a young man, Travon Martin, extinguished by a thoughtless and misguided act of bravado. Travon’s death didn’t just destroy a young man’s life it destroyed a family, and all of the wonderful and magical things associated with family life. I understand the family’s and community’s outrage.

However, I am equally outraged by the irresponsible and inflammatory actions of news outlets, principally CNN, who without jurisdiction or legal authority are trying George Zimmerman in the public’s eye. CNN’s role is  to provide news coverage of the events, not conduct independent audio analysis of evidence to speculate on whether Zimmerman used a racial slur or not. CNN’s actions are not simply inflammatory, they’re reckless and impede the investigations in-progress by the State of Florida and the DOJ.

Roughly 26 states have “stand your ground laws” enacted. None, that I am aware of,  are written in language that authorizes an act of aggression – they are defensive in construct and intent. Stand your ground laws and castle doctrine laws have made it possible for law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families in the face of danger; they have saved lives and will continue to do so, and their passage reflects the will of voters living in those states. I encourage other states across the country to follow in their footsteps.

CNN needs to get out of “selective” injustice business!

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  1. ocd1152 says:

    Where are all those people that was so outraged,protests, and screaming for justice over the death of a young man,and the heart break of the parents, why are these some people not outraged,protesting and screaming for justice for Brian Terry, and answers for his parents. He was a border agent that lost his life to protect americans.Why dose the DOJ not hold someone responsible?Where are the lettlers and emails to the president,congress and senate demanding justice for Brian Terry,are those people sitting on their hands with tape on their mouth


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