General Dynamics Delivers MK19’s To The U.S. Army

The Army has taken delivery of the first 85 of 650 MK19 40mm Grenade Machine Guns (GMGs) under an $8.7 million IDIQ contract from the General Dynamics (GD) Armament and Technical Products. GDATP was awarded the contract  in September 2011.

The MK19 is a 40mm grenade machine gun (GMG), and rather formidable crew-served weapon. The GMG is blowback operated, air-cooled and uses a disintegrating metallic link-belt-fed system. The weapon is fully automatic and designed to fire a variety of armour-piercing grenades against enemy personnel and light armored vehicles.

The MK19, although not a featherweight by any means at 72.5 lbs., has an effective range of 1600 meters and can be used by mounted or dismounted ground forces. It’s ideally suited for a HMMWV or other light vehicles as well as rotor and fixed wing aircraft.

The gun has a cyclic rate of 400 rounds per minute and fires six types of rounds that include M430 family of high-explosive dual-purpose grenades, M383 high-explosive grenade, along with practice and dummy rounds for training exercises.

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