April’s Coming Attractions

We’ve got some great articles and reviews coming your way this month.

I have two weapon mounted tactical light reviews in the works; Streamlight’s TRL-1 HP and TRL-4. You’re going to love both of these lights, especially the TLR-4. It’s an ideal match for the FN P90, HK MP5 family, and HK MP7A1 as well as compact frame pistols. A super addition to your home defense sidearm.

PLRF25C Front View

There are laser range finders and then there’s the Vectronix PLRF 25C. Easy to use, fast and accurate. I had a great time working with the folks at Vectronix and I can tell you the PLRF 25C rocks.

So, Stay With Us!

Remeber to visit the FOG HORN throughout the month. We love hearing from you and don’t forget to leave us your comments; however, be courteous and constructive. We can all learn from one another!

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