With India as an Ally China Would Not Dare Start Anything.

By: Sal Palma

Yet another great question from a reader in N.Y. The gentleman submitting this question / comment was responding to my comment posted in my article “Why The Emphasis On Ammunition Awareness?; where I state…

“Although our national intelligence assessments predict that our conflicts, moving into the future, will be low intensity asymmetric “type” threats, the possibility exits that we will be engaged in conflicts where our forces will face a trained and organized combatant; capable of denying air and space assets with a capacity to wage intensive cyber attacks against command and control networks as well as industrial infrastructure.”

Thank you for an excellent question, but let me disagree with you on the basis of several points.

First, India is one of the more openly corrupt governments on the planet. Indian citizens are not just neglected but in many cases are required to pay local officials bribes for basic and simple services like transferring or perfecting deeds, acquiring licenses and other essential basic services.

Secondly, there is a noticeable undertow in India’s society, especially in the outer states, of radicalization fueled by India’s disregard for its poor and less educated. India has been making huge investments in its military because it feels that it needs to project military prestige; meanwhile, the population lumbers under the weight of poverty and disease. India has the unflattering stigma of having one of the world’s highest rates of infant mortality.

Finally, in an open conflict with China, the Indian Air Force and Navy would be incapacitated within the first 72 hours of the engagement. At which time, the only thing the Indian military would be flying are kites.

Using India as a buffer between The United States and China, should that ever be required, is simply a ludicrous proposition. This is the harsh reality, and let us pray in thanks that there’s nothing in India that China wants.

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