What Are You Doing With That Lemon Juice?

Some things in life just blow you away and this is one of those!

I exercise regularly, usually 5 days a week and  sometimes 6. All my workouts are fairly rigorous, but I don’t use weights. I use my own body weight for resistance training, it works well for me. I’m usually dehydrated by the time that I’m done, so I hydrate immediately after my workouts. In addition to water I’ll squeeze several wedges of lemon into my water container, or I’ll drain the juice out of the jar that most restaurants use to keep lemon wedges for ice tea, etc.

Yesterday, I had a guy walk up to me saying ” Hey you’re the FOG HORN dude…” to which I responded “yes I am.” He then asked me “what are you doing with that lemon juice?” I explained it as best I could and I think to his satisfaction. As he departed he thanked me for the Blog and commented on how much he enjoyed it .

WOW, was that neat or what – I must say that it made my day!

In any event here’s the answer to the question.

Lemon juice is a superb – all natural – electrolyte containing no artificial sugars, sodium etc. It is citric acid with a good supply of oils. An electrolyte functions to expedite the absorption of water in your digestive track so you hydrate more thoroughly and at an accelerated rate.  That’s the reason you feel so refreshed when you drink a glass of water with a lemon wedge on a hot summer day. In fact, lemon juice is so effective as an electrolyte that it enhances current flow in wet cells.


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