Revision’s BATLSKIN System Is Now Available!

Revision based in Essex Junction, VT, USA has just announced that its highly acclaimed and greatly anticipated Batlskin Modular Head Protection System is now available. The system is designed for use with the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).The initial size offerings will be in Medium and Large with Small and X-Large scheduled for later in the summer.

What’s exciting about Batlskin is its modularity. Operators can configure Batlskin to suit the mission; thus eliminating excess weight and bulk.

Available now are the following ACH-compatible Batlskin components: the Batlskin
Front Mount (MSRP $89.99); the Batlskin 3-Position Visor (MSRP $279.99); and the
Batlskin High-Threat Mandible Guard (MSRP $479.99). Any of these items can be purchased at Revision’s online store and through select military retailers across the U.S.

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