Why You Should Consider Losing Weight ?

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a “Top n reasons where n can be any real or imaginary number.”So, here it is!

FOG HORN’s Top ”n” Reasons Where n Can Be Any Real or Imaginary Number Why You Should Consider Losing Weight.

10.      You leave your boyfriend breathless after sex.

9.       You’re refused service at a Chinese buffet.

8.       Victoria’s Secret talks about you.

7.       The airlines bust you for trying to smuggle an extra carry-on.

6.       People ask you to raise your arm so they can tell if you’re walking or rolling.

5.       TSA agents won’t pat you down.

4.       Bally’s asks you for a security deposit.

3.      David Letterman starts taking an interest in you.

2.      The shoe salesman won’t look up your dress.

1.      Biff Henderson thinks you’re thick.

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