Valdada Optics VTac Tactical 20 Watch.

Valdada Optics, Littleton CO, has introduced a 20th Anniversary Limited Edition VTac Tactical 20 watch that looks great. The watch features a Swiss movement, stainless steel case and sapphire crystal. The Tactical 20 is also water-resistant to 200 meters. When you’re purchasing a watch, what’s under the hood is what maters most. So, I stick with Swiss or Japanese movements exclusively for accuracy and durability.

Valdada has hung its reputation on the IOR line of tactical optics. Valentine, the company’s owner has worked diligently to develop and bring to market optical accessories and weapon sights of amazing quality. Valdada optical sights are comparable to Schmidt and Bender at 1/2 –  2/3 ‘s the cost. The optical quality will amaze you! Valentine’s approach to business is marked by increasing improvement and an unsurpassed commitment to customer service.

By way of example, I use an IOR 10x monocular for tactical application. After several years and countless hours of less than gingerly use in hot and steamy environments, the rubber coating was coming apart. I contacted Valdada Optics to see what could be done. I did not have to ask to have it repaired. Instead, I was instructed to send it in. In a matter of four weeks, I had the monocular back in perfect working order. This is but one example of Valdada customer service.

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