Revision Sawfly Photochromic Lens Video

I shot a couple of short videos to demonstrate Revision’s Photochromic technology. The first video shows the lens darkening as you emerge from darkness. The second video shows the lens clearing as you enter darkness.

Note that when exposed to sunlight, the lens does not turn completely dark. You can expect about a 50% tint or slightly darker with prolonged exposure.

The diagram on the left depicts the transition from dark to light and light to dark; interpreted as follows. When exposed to bright sunlight the transition from light to dark starts nearly instantaneously then gradually slows. It is most noticeable towards the center of the lens. As exposure time increases the rate of darkening rapidly decreases. This is also the case when transitioning from bright light to a dark space.

Bright Light

Dark Room

Look for my complete review – June 2012!

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