SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Day Three – Recon Scout XT

Over the last several years, application of robotics in tactical and EOD situations has grown exponentially. The Recon Scout XT, manufactured by Recon Robotics™, is by a large margin the most widely accepted and cost effective tactical robot available to military and law enforcement. Over four hundred SWAT teams across the country have them in use.

The Recon Scout XT weighs a mere 3 pounds, is IR equipped and can be safely thrown over a distance of 120 feet, through windows or on rooftops. Recon Robotics has added some new capabilities that include alternative frequencies, water resistance, Search Stick™ compatibility, and much more. This micro robot can now be mounted on the barrel of an M4 or M16 enabling the operator to see around a corner without exposing himself to a threat.

Great technology that just got better!

We had a little fun with Recon Scout XT at SOFIC 2012 in Tampa…

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