SOFIC 2012 / ISOF 2012 Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Exploitation

One of a number of areas of high interest for USSOCOM is Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Exploitation (SRSE pronounced ser-see). The portfolios encompass sensors, force protection, forensics, biometrics, collection, dissemination and a variety of other disciplines, and their supporting technologies. It is an area of immediate  interest for USSOCOM and the SOF community; yet, many of their needs remain unanswered. While walking through the exhibition hall I personally I.D. three companies who’s product were direct fits for those needs; surprisingly none knew the need existed let alone how to present their products to USSOCOM.

Small companies need to get involved through NDIA membership and when attending SOFIC make sure you attended the business sessions and the targeted breakout sessions. If you aren’t doing that you are missing the boat!


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