The Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY)

The Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) initiative was news to me and I want to thank Steve Graves, Vice President of Marketing at Acumentrics, for introducing it to me. So, what is VICTORY?

The Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability or VICTORY initiative attempts to correct problems that have surfaced as more equipment is fielded in military vehicles. Not only is the equipment gobbling up real estate but it appears that sharing of resources and data is not working efficiently.

Implementation of VICTORY would mean that tactical, wheeled, vehicles and ground combat systems can recover lost space and concurrently reduce weight and power requirements. Interoperability between equipment types would be enhanced through a common data buss to share information; providing an integrated picture to the crews. Finally, and what I find most important, is that VICTORY would create an open architecture that will accept new technologies as plug-and-play enhancements or augmentations.

VICTORY’s  framework includes:

  1. an architecture, which defines common terminology, systems, components, and interfaces;
  2. a set of standard specifications, that provide technical specifications for the items identified in the architecture;
  3. a set of reference designs.

VICTORY’s technical approach includes:

  1. A “data bus-centric” design
  2. Sharable hardware components – deploy software additions w/o adding hardware
  3. Open standard physical and logical interfaces between system and C4ISR/EW components
  4. A set of shared data bus services
  5. Shared hardware and software IA components to enable systems integrators to build security designs that protect and control access to information

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