KRISS® Arms launched a brand-new website for the North American market at, and it is a major improvement over the old site in both content,  look and feel.

From the new site, customers can easily access the new KRISS® online store and shop for KRISS® branded weapons accessories and apparel. It’s also a convenient way for owners to register their systems and take advantage of  all warranty services. The site features a new “Frequently Asked Questions” section, and a downloadable/viewable Vector manual. KRISS® fans will want the downloadable wallpaper images for PC’s, iPhone and the iPad.

 KRISS® dealers and media personnel may download Vector product specification sheet, high resolution images and the KRISS® logo. All in all, the new KRISS® USA website provides customers, fans, dealers and media personnel with a one-stop source for information, news, published articles, images, videos and shopping.

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