Ceradyne , Inc. Ballistic Protection For SOF

Ceradyne , Inc. located in Costa Mesa, Ca is a highly diversified and vertically integrated business specializing across a number of sectors including aviation, automotive, electronics, defense and several others. Vertical integration means that the company has control of its raw materials and supplies giving the company full control over its manufacturing and quality control. Its ballistic plates are used throughout the SOF community.

Ceradyne has committed resources to design and develop DEFENDER® ceramic based armor solutions from body armor to LTAS government tested and approved vehicle armor. There have been and continues to be multiple companies that supply armor solutions to the DoD and SOF but none are distinguished by their ability to react to new requirements and surge production demands like Ceradyne.

SOF uses Ceradyne body, side and shoulder armor, which provides up to NIJ Level III+ when worn  with soft armor. They also produce a special operations side plate that delivers NIJ Level IV protection without the use of soft armor inserts. Plates produced come in a variety of sizes and cuts to accommodate swimmers.

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2 Responses to Ceradyne , Inc. Ballistic Protection For SOF

  1. Jimmy John says:

    Did they tell you that they have lost the SOCOM plate business due to delaminating plates?


    • Jimmy John, I’d like to see evidence of that…

      In fact, Ceradyne received a ceramic body armor delivery orders totaling approximately $6.9 million for delivery in 2012; issued by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

      So, if you have information that supports your claim why don’t you share it with us.


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