WARRIORGRIP Slag – High Performance Pistol Grip For Your 1911

I’ve been shooting 1911s since day one of my military life and thereafter as a civilian. As mature as the design is, nothing comes close to a 1911 for reliability and stopping power. Its limitations are magazine capacity and a stout recoil.

Those of us with 1911 experience know that grip is everything. Support hand extension and proper tensioning of the strong hand are extremely important, and the 1911 is unforgiving in that respect. The concept holds true for target shooting but is especially applicable to tactical, or combat use of the 1911. Therefor, the grip  you use makes a significant difference in how well you’re able to control your weapon.

I recently installed a pair of  WARRIORGRIP, 1911 grips. I was immensely impressed with how they feel. The Slag model, shown in the picture, has a rather cool “zombie squad” sort of look, which I thought was great. More importantly, they dig right into your hand like a spot weld.

If you want to add a useful upgrade to your 1911, I recommend that you consider a set of WARRIORGRIP pistol grips. Easily summarized as fantastic!

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