Insight M3 & M6 Owner’s Can Recapitalize This Outstanding Light At A Low Cost.

When one thinks of recapitalizing, images of AH-64 Apaches and A1 Abrams come to mind; however, recapitalization is a viable alternative for a variety of things, and one of those is weapon mounted lights. Insight Technologies now part of the L3 family has, over the years, supplied all branches of the DoD, state and federal agencies with weapon mounted lights and other accessories. They are the de facto standard in a field that has seen increasing competition year over year from very substantial players. A couple of years ago Insight made a decision, which speaks volumes about them as a company, and introduced an LED upgrade kit for the M6, M3 and M2 family of lights. This was a move that undoubtedly cut into sales of the M3 LED & M6 LED and M2 LED, but it was a move that recognized the investment made by their customers over the years.

Individuals or agencies with an inventory of M2,M3 and M6 weapon mounted lights now have the ability to upgrade their Insight weapon mounted lights for just about $80, which helps the budget line considerably.

The M3 and M6 upgrade will increase light output to 150 lumens and runtime to 120 minutes of continuous use.

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