Army May Default To MultiCam As The New UCP

It is by design that I don’t write about camouflage; I do that for two reasons. First there are other web sites that will do a much better job of it than I will. Second, the concept of a “universal camouflage pattern” is naive. About two years ago, I wrote and editorial piece on the subject. I’ll summarize it for you by saying that our planet has such diversity that to effectively camouflage, even in a small geographical region, you may need several patterns and colors.

You can dress up servicemen and women as chocolate chip cookies, if you so desire, for in garrison uniform of the day, but combat uniforms must reflect, as tightly as possible, the AO. I think its high time the Army stop throwing millions at a problem that has no singular solution, and it looks like that may happen.

Matthew Cox of reports on the Army’s Recommendation that Multicam become the new Universal Camouflage Pattern or UCP.

Candidly, A-Tacs gets my vote for a highly effective pattern but would I call it universal, absolutely not. UCP is a concept that sounds good from a managerial perspective but it remains unattainable until reactive camouflage technologies come of age.

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