Bastinelli Creations Artisan and Rising Blade Master

I have recently taken notice of someone I believe to be a rather gifted knife designer,  Bastien Coves of Bastinelli Creations. Bastien is a French knife maker working out of a small shop in Paris. Bastien is not simply a gifted young artist; he is, in my view, a rising Blade Master.

Bastien’s knives exude a bouquet found only in world-class designers of superb edged weapon. There is an obvious understanding of the knife-to-hand interface in Bastien’s designs, which  seems to flow through to the very tip of its blade. Bastinelli Creations are a brilliant combination of art form with ruthless function.

I’ve contacted Bastien to determine if he has a U.S. distributor, which I believe he does not, so here is an opportunity for you to pick up a line that’s isn’t simply beautiful craft but what very clearly looks to be a superb knife.


I heard back from Bastinelli Creations and there are two stores that carry their knives.

  1. Blade HQ, Lehi, UT
  2. Arizona Custom, St. Augustine, FL

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