DEFIANCE®, a manufacturer of optimized accessories for professionals, announced the release of the first DEFIANCE® Suppressor designed for the use with the KRISS® Vector family of firearms. Designated as the HPS 4GSK, the suppressor maintains compatibility with all KRISS® SMG, SBR and SDP firearms (supports M16x1 LH threaded .45 ACP models). The KRISS® Vector is an ideal host for a large volume suppressor like the HPS 4GSK so signature attenuation should be quite impressive. Even in a 16 inch barrel, the muzzle velocity of the .45ACP remains below 1100 fps, so shooters will only hear action noise.

The HPS 4GSK Cal. 45 ACP suppressor incorporates an internal baffle system consisting of two steel and three aluminum baffles strategically stacked to minimize sound and maximize suppressor service life. Constructed of T6 aluminum with a Type III MIL-SPEC black hard-anodize coating and tool steel with a QPQ coating at the threaded end, the DEFIANCE® HPS highly resists scratching and corrosion. The suppressor body and internal systems are all CNC machined from high-grade aluminum and steel alloys for long-term durability and long-life reliability. Available in .45 ACP, the DEFIANCE® HPS 4GSK weighs just over a pound at 1.1 lbs. (500 grams) and is 7.7 inches in length (197.5mm) and 1.79 inches in diameter (45.5mm).

The DEFIANCE® HPS 4GSK Cal. 45 ACP is manufactured in Switzerland and carried exclusively by KRISS USA®. I’m looking forward to some hands-on!

For more information, visit or call 757-821-1089.

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