Syria Slipping Further Into Chaos

If you’ve been keeping up with the news you know that the situation in Syria is deteriorating at an accelerated rate. Adding to the complexity is the support Bashar Al-Assad is receiving from the Iranian government and the stockpiles of chemical weapons that Syria has at its disposal.

It is highly unlikely given the increasing support the rebel movement is seeing and the rebel offensive on Damascus, Al-Assad will survive. Hopefully, the Iranian government will provide an exit strategy for Al-Assad and avoid a disaster of Biblical proportions. If that cooperation is not forthcoming, it is reasonable to suspect that Al-Assad will use Syria’s chemical weapons against his own people as he struggles to cling to power.

Syrians living in border towns along the Turkish and Lebanese borders are particularly vulnerable as these areas are used extensively to smuggle arms, munitions, personnel and information. Consideration must be given to defense, evacuation and preparedness for decontamination should Al-Assad make the grave mistake of using chemical weapons against these areas.

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