The NavELite Backlit Magnetic Compass (BLMC) Is Approved For Use By The U.S. Army Ranger Training Brigade

The NavELite Backlit Magnetic Compass (BLMC) Is Approved For Use By The U.S. Army Ranger Training Brigade In Accordance With The Published Ranger School Packing List (Optional Items).

A six-month government sponsored field testing was conducted by select 5th Ranger Training Battalion (Mountain Phase) Ranger Instructors. After performing Ranger Field Training Exercises in a variety of harsh conditions, the compasses were found to have performed flawlessly with no issues during almost daily use for navigation in the mountainous environment of North Georgia.

The NavELite compass provides the user correct magnetic orientation and an on-demand illuminated face to aid with orienteering and direction finding in low-light to no-light conditions. For military night operations the BLMC provides a tactical advantage for the soldier in dense forests, jungles, deserts, caves, buildings or other environments where the ambient light is not sufficient to read a compass. In such environments Global Positioning System (GPS) compasses can quickly become ineffective due to lack of good digital coverage.

“The NavELite compass was originally designed with guys like the U.S. Army Rangers in mind,” Carroll Miller, CTO of NavELite commented. “We have been long committed to designing and manufacturing life-saving navigation tools for the soldier and outdoor enthusiast. This approval is well-earned and appreciated.”

The NavELite BLMC can be purchased online at for a retail costof $79.99. Dealers interested in carrying the NavELite BLMC may contact  for a Dealer Package and Application.

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