MARSOC Adopts Colt 1911 M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP)

Soldier Systems Daily alerted us a few days ago that MARSCOC would be adopting the Colt 1911 as the M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP). We are pleased to report that the alleged rumor is, in fact, correct.

Award Details
Solicitation: M6785411R1006
Notice Type: Award Notice
 Contract Award Date: July 18, 2012
Contract Award Number: M67854-12-D-1065
Contract Award Dollar Amount: 22500000
Contract Line Item Number: 0001-0008
Contractor Awardee:
Colt Defense LLC
547 New Park Ave.; West Hartford, CT 06110-1336
Added: Jul 19, 2012 1:33 pm

Efforts required to produce and provide logistics support for the Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP).

Contracting Office Address:
M67854 MARINE CORPS SYSTEMS COMMAND 2200 Lester Street Quantico, VA
Point of Contact(s):
Erik Halverson, 703-432-5662

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