The Great American Gun Debate – @piersmorgan

I was watching Piers Morgan’s interview with Michael Moore last night, and I had to laugh. In fact, I had to laugh a lot. First of all I like Piers; I think he does an excellent job of reaching out to his guests and expose a different side of the individual. However, since the Aurora, Co shootings, he’s been cackling about gun control like a spooked chicken. He’s obviously passionate about his views.

Here’s the logic that makes his arguments ludicrous:

  1. He likes holding up the UK as a bastion for gun laws. He obviously forgets the marches, all over the UK, by citizens seeking their rights to keep and bear arms. So, here is a reminder Piers:
  2. He repeatedly attacks the 2nd Amendment trying to make the laughable argument that the founding fathers would have thought differently had they had knowledge of AR15s and Kalashnikovs. He feels that it is time for people to bring the 2nd Amendment up to date. Well Piers, the founding fathers felt that the right to keep and bare arms was so important that it was only preceded by the right to free speech. That alone should provide a clue to its importance and like the 1st Amendment it’s strictly interpreted. Following your logic perhaps we should view flag burning as a crime and not an expression of speech.
  3. Piers mentions that in Japan guns are banned so there’s no gun violence. Piers, the magic of statistics is that if there are no guns it follows there is no gun violence. Since guns can easily be substituted as tools in the commission of crime, perhaps the better statistic would be to look at all homicides. Japan does not report all of its crime statistics but I do believe they have a high suicide rate as well.
  4. Last but not least I’d like to help you answer the $65,000 question. Why would someone want an AR15 and 1000 rounds, etc. For the very same reasons that you would want a Mercedes Benz, a sailboat, an airplane or CO-OP on Sutton Place – because we’re free to do so. Do you need a Benz – No? Do you need a sailboat – No? Do you need and airplane – No? Yet we still have them.
  5. Lastly, every gun purchase requires that an ATF Form 4473 be completed and an NICS check be conducted. This is the case for all firearm purchases. You can not legally order a firearm on the web and have it shipped directly to you, unless you have a Class I Federal Firearms License. The transfer must be made through an FFL Class I license holder. That individual is then required to run a NICS check and complete an ATF Form 4473. Certainly not as easy as you may have been lead to believe.

So, if you’re going to present your case do so with forthrightness and inform rather than confuse.

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