James Holmes Schizophrenic or Shrewd?

This is the only article you will ever read on this Blog about the miscreant James Holmes, but the entire Aurora incident just sticks in my craw, for a number of reasons; principally, this cat will become the poster boy for every gun control freak on the planet. So, here is our take on the entire incident.

  • The booby trapping of his apartment was as we all know deliberate. The timing of it is interesting. Based on information supplied to the media, Holmes had his stereo on a timer that was set to turn on his stereo at around midnight, just about the start of the movie. His choice of music and its blaring volume was designed to annoy his neighbors and draw attention. Leaving his front door unlocked, made it convenient for someone to enter the apartment setting off an explosion designed to create an incendiary secondary effect. We believe that this was a diversionary action; that his intent was to draw law enforcement and first responders to his apartment 3 miles away from the theater.
  • I can not recall a mass killing, in recent history, except for Norway’s Anders Breivik where the perpetrator did not die from self-inflicted wounds. The reason for Holmes’ garb that evening was not to survive an engagement with police. I think he was more concerned about an encounter with an armed individual.
  • All of the psychiatric activity to include the scrapbook mailing and the theatrics in the courtroom are nothing more than a contingency plan.
  • Holmes was methodical and deliberate, and I suspect fully expecting to get away with his crime. It’s more likely that he is a Breivik copycat than a schizophrenic – as his academic and work history will probably prove.

Just our thoughts and we’d like to see what you think…

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