New iPhone Coming Your Way!

Apple is basking in success with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. The unschooled accredit this “2nd coming ” of technology to Apple and Steve Jobs. The reality is that exporting network intelligence to end-user devices has been around for quite some time. What Apple can take great credit for is what has to be the most brilliant marketing campaign in the history of man. Apple and Steve Jobs didn’t create earthshaking technology. They created a user community that paled South Korean Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and that ladies and gentlemen is Apple’s genius.

To insure that iPhone junkies have the latest technology, Apple is launching a new iPhone and iPad this coming September. Just exactly what the new and improved iPhone and iPad have over the 1-year-old 4s has yet to be disclosed. Nor does the concept of marginal cost v. marginal utility have meaning, when it comes to the iProducts.

However, by way of enhancements, something that I’d love to see is an app that will administer an I.Q. test prior to allowing the phone to be powered up or come out of sleep mode. Or, perhaps an app that will shut the phone down when it senses a speed of more than 3 m.p.h. I recently observed an individual driving an SUV, in traffic moving at 40 to 45 m.p.h., with his right hand on the wheel and his left arm fully extended with a iPhone at the end of it reading text messages. So, having the phone shut down when it senses speeds in excess of 3 m.p.h. will go a long way to protecting potential victims from the acts of the morons.

If you’re listening Mayor Bloomberg please reinstate super-sized sodas but ban iPhones!

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