B&T Industries LLC Announces the BT41 – B&T Letter Opener

I have had the pleasure to call Kasey Beltz a friend for several years now and I’ve got to say to you that nowhere on the face of this planet will you find a more talented and amicable individual; hence B&T Industries success. For those of you not familiar with B&T Industries, they design, manufacture and market the Accu-Shot Monopod and the highly acclaimed Atlas bipod, which is truly a work of art.

Kasey and B&T Industries have just introduced the BT41-B&T Letter Opener. This is, without question, the mother of all letter openers and ideally suited for an individual receiving tons of threatening mail.

The handle  and pommel are machined from 300 series Stainless Steel then tumbled to compliment the blade. The blade, made by Spartan Blades http://spartanbladesusa.com, is machined from 440C Stainless Steel given a Rockwell Hardness of C 58-59 with a Cyro treatment followed by Alumina then Ceramic Blast and finally a PVD Chromium coating. The two Buna o-rings prevent rattling when sheathed for a stealthy presentation.

The Sheath is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Mil Spec hard anodized with Stainless Steel components. The design and size are borrowed from the legs found on the Atlas 5H bipods. A portion of the hexagon profile bar stock, which is used for Atlas bipod legs, is retained to help prevent rolling off a desk top.

The overall length of the sheathed B&T Letter Opener is approximately 9.5” long; the Letter Opener component is 9.125” long having a blade length of 5”, .500 width and thickness of .190 and weighs 10 ounces approximately. It is shipped in a black 1000 denier Cordura pouch (made by CSM Gear http://www.csmgear.com).

The BT41 – B&T Letter Opener are 100% made in America in limited numbers.

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