What Is An SMSS?

The SMSS or Squad Mission Support System is a family of unmanned ground vehicles or UGV designed to take some of the load off a 9 to 14 man team. Think of it as a 6-wheeled ATV that’s capable of carrying a load of up to 1200 lbs. The System was developed by Lockheed Martin.

The SMSS has an impressive array of sensors. For example, it can lock on any person and follow them. It does this by recognizing the individuals 3D profile. It can also be programmed to navigate a pre-planned route using GPS. However, as impressive as the technology is, SMSS is a single point of failure. The compelling objective must remain reducing the warrior’s load and not finding ways to have the soldier carry ever-increasing loads. Nonetheless, SMSS has its place and  is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

Humnnnn! I know some deer hunters in Alabama that would love one of these!


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