EA’s Medal of Honor – Warfighter (Video Game)

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) is preparing to release its highly acclaimed Medal of Honor – Warfighter. The folks at EA have gone the extra mile to make this first person shooter game as realistic as possible. In order to achieve its desired level of authenticity, the company has collaborated with Defense Industry suppliers like Surefire and SOG Knives and Tools. A byproduct of the collaboration is Project Honor.


 Project HONOR is dedicated to raising awareness and generating charitable contributions for fallen warriors from the Special Operations Community in honor of the sacrifices they and their families have made for their country. Through unique partnerships program with EA for Medal of Honor Warfighter, many elite weapon and gear manufacturers who equip the Special Operations Community will donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation for the benefit of Project HONOR.

EA believes strongly in the missions of the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and that the awareness and funding generated through Project HONOR will honor and generate significant financial and moral support for the activities undertaken by the foundations in support of this mission.”

EA has come under attack by EUROGAMER.net for working with Project Honor participants to develop and brand Medal of Honor products. Tom Bramwell, Operations Director of Eurogamer Network and Editor-at-Large of Eurogamer.net, launches the first volley in his article “The Medal of Honor Tomahawk” Apparently, Mr.Bramwell finds it objectionable that EA and SOG Knives and Tools collaborated on what he refers to as a “f***ing Medal of Honor tomahawk!

Mr. Bramwell continues saying:

 I guess – it’s a video game about war, and it helps pay for the families of people who died in wars to have a slightly better standard of life. Obviously it’s all phrased in the most nauseatingly mawkish language imaginable, but anyone who has ever listened to a politician refer to his or her armed forces is used to that, and the unique way America regards and salutes its military institutions wherever possible is one cultural signifier that is at least transparent to most of the rest of the world.

This is the special bit, though: “In addition to this, select partners have signed up to create and sell exclusive Medal of Honor themed merchandise and donate 100% of the proceeds of their sales to the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and other charities.” I have taken the liberty of emphasising the word ‘merchandise’ because I want to draw attention to the fact they mean things like real gun attachments and tomahawks.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Bramwell never makes his point. What is it about the collaborative effort that he finds objectionable. Is he concerned about public safety or is he simply passing gas to be “en vogue” or perhaps even “un petite coquet.” Clearly, that answer is not available in his article. However, one thing is certain and that is his sentiment about the armed forces.

Mr. Bramwell, I would like to leave you with this one thought. The fact that you are not goose-stepping in tight leather shorts at this very moment is attributable to a group of overworked, underpaid, and obviously unappreciated individuals who gave their lives so that Britain would survive. They weren’t all middle-class liberals. Many were commoners and many well-heeled, but they all shared one thing in common – BALLS THE SIZE OF SOCCER BALLS!

What you need Mr. Barmwell is for a squad of Royal Marines to align your ass with your mind. I think it will make you a much better man!

Meanwhile, I suggest that you spend some time digesting gamer demographics. I cite from the 2011 Sales, Demographic and Usage Data ESSENTIAL FACTS ABOUT THE COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY.  The average age of a game player is 37 years of age – 82% of all players are over the age of 18. So, I think their minds and personalities are reasonably well-formed at this point. For the younger players absolutely nothing will or should replace a healthy dose of parental supervision. This is a concept that I’d love to see you ardently support.

Mr. Barmwell you need to make your own decision but I think you owe Electronic Arts, Inc. and SOG Knives and Tools a public apology.


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