Vectronix, Inc. Awarded Contract for U.S. Army Handheld Precision Targeting Devices (HHPTD) Requirement.

Vectronix, Inc.  Ashburn, VA a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectronix AG in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, has been awarded the contract for the U.S. Army Handheld Precision Targeting Devices (HHPTD) requirement (Solicitation No. W91CRB-12-R-0028).

The HHPTD, sponsored by the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF), provides dismounted observers with the ability to rapidly locate ground targets, with a high degree of accuracy, allowing target engagement with precision munitions. As part of the HHPTD program, Vectronix will also deliver an equal amount of STERNA Precision Target
Location Systems. The STERNA system is based on Vectronix’ new and unrestricted capability to acquire and maintain the true north azimuth in all operating conditions, even in magnetically charged or GPS-denied settings. The STERNA is available in three models the STERNA-M, STERNA-V, STERNA-J. The system, already tested by the U.S. Army, provides an azimuth accuracy far exceeding those of current systems.

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