New Regs Call For No Tattoos On Italian Soldiers…

Ministero della Difesa (MDD), Italy’s Ministry of Defense would like to see less ink on Italian Soldiers.

In a Telegraph  article by Nick Squires, Italian soldiers will no longer be permitted to have visible tattoos. The regulation specifically targets art that could be considered sexist, racist or aligned with extreme right-wing ideologies. The new regulations also prohibit body piercings, of any sort, visible or not.

The Italian Army’s leadership is concerned about the seeming lack of professionalism and the offensive nature of some of these tattoos; citing cultural differences around the world, and the need to be sensitive to the fact that what is art to one man may be an insult to others.

Italy’s move to tighten body art regulations follow actions taken by the United States DoD earlier this year.

“Tattoos will not be visible above the neck line when the physical fitness uniform is worn. Tattoos will not extend below the wrist line and not be visible on the hands. Sleeve tattoos will be prohibited. (This rule may be grandfathered.)

No visible body piercings will be allowed on or off duty. Males will not be allowed to wear earrings at any time. Ear gauging will be unauthorized.”

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1 Response to New Regs Call For No Tattoos On Italian Soldiers…

  1. Shank says:

    Quite a few US Military and law enforcement officers cover their tattoos temporarily with Ink Armor sleeves:

    The visible tattoo policies vary quite a bit between different branches of the US Military and much depends on what image organizations are trying to project.


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