Special Forces Operators Could Be Facing Trouble.

It appears the book “No Easy Day” written by former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette, scheduled for release on 11-Sep-2012, caught USSOCOM and the DoD off-guard. According  to the publisher, Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette was one of the first team members through the door on the 3rd floor of UBL’s Abbottabad compound.

For reasons that remain unclear, SEAL Bissonnette, writing under nom de plum Mark Owen, did not provide USSOCOM or the Pentagon copies of the manuscript for review. Needless to say, there are serious classification and national security implications.

In an open letter to current, retired and former SOF personnel, Admiral William H McRaven, Commanding Officer U.S.S.O.C.O.M., says:

“Every member of the special-operations community with a security clearance signed a non-disclosure agreement that was binding during and after service in the military. If the U.S. Special Operations Command finds that an active-duty, retired or former service member violated that agreement and that exposure of information was detrimental to the safety of U.S. forces, then we will pursue every option available to hold members accountable, including criminal prosecution where appropriate.”

A warning USSOCOM may have to exercise if they expect to overcome the financial lure of book deals and movie rights. You can rest assured, plans are already in the works for “No Easy Day” The Movie!

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