Industrial Laser Electronics and Engineering (I.L.E.E.) AG Has Announced cFL-02 Mk2™ / Laser & Light Module For Weaver Mount.

I.L.E.E. founded in 1977 and now part of  Rheinmetall Defence, has announced cFL-02 Mk2™ / Laser & Light Module designed for mounting on Weaver rails. Weaver rails are found on many pistols. The cFL-02 Mk2™ is a further refinement of the cFL-02™.

The Laser and tactical light are activated independently or simultaneously using a thumb operated toggle switch.

Modes of operation include:

  1. Light only.
  2. Laser only.
  3. Light and laser.
  4. Strobe

The Laser has a precise X/Y– Axial adjustment. To ensure the laser maintains zero, a special click or detent mechanism is used on the X and Y axis. The company guarantees the laser will hold zero even under the highest shock and vibration. The laser modules is available in visible and IR.

The LED tactical light produces an impressive 250 lumens in a well collimated beam. homogenous illumination that includes a strobe.

As an option, a red LED can be fitted to the  cFL-02 Mk2™, which illuminates the ground immediately in front of the operator at a 45 degrees angle to provide navigation lighting.

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